Handcraft Production

The Handcraft of the Success. Always copied, never equaled.

Handcraft Production

French Bakery made in France: exclusively French Bakery chooses to keep the tradition of the French-style bakery. Our recipes are perfected by French Master bakers using the best local and authentic raw materials from France.


Recipes are developed and perfected by professionals of the bakery-pastry and restaurant trade: Master teachers from Bellouet Conseil, Paris visit to impart their culinary knowledge to the French Bakery team.



Raw materials used in the manufacture of our products, are top quality: traditional French & German flour and French dairy products (butter & cream). The methods of production allow for the resting of dough to produce a high quality product.

Handcraft Production

French Bakery offers in UAE, a wide range of over 200 bakey, pastry & caterer products:

Our production unit has HACCP European standards and quality certification and its equipment is based on the latest technology, guaranteeing high standards of food safety for customers.

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