Financier Cookie
147 AED / KG
The Financier is a buttery, moist teacake, containing almond flour, and crushed almonds. Its is very famous to accomodate ice cream and other frozen confections.
Florentine Cookie
147 AED / KG
Florentine Cookies are made from setting nuts (almond, hazelnut, pecans) and candied fruits (raisin, glace cherry, citrus zest) into a caramel disc, which is then coated on the bottom with dark, milk or white chocolate.
Hollandais Cookie
95 AED / KG
This particular cookie in a combinaison of vanilla and chocolate Sablé.
Kaab el Ghazal Cookie
115 AED / KG
These delicious and aromatic crescent shaped pastries consist of pastry dough filled with almond paste. The dough is prepared from flour, melted butter, salt, orange blossom water and honey.
Pistachio Pyramid Cookie
147 AED / KG
These buttery Pyramides are made with almond and pistachio flour.
Plain Round Cookie
95 AED / KG
Our original butter round cookie are simply mixe of butter, eggs and flour. Plain, almond or coconut flavor they will amaze your daily tea-time.
Raspberry Madeleine Cookie
147 AED / KG
These buttery Madeleines are made with almond flour and stuffed with raspberry jam.
Sweet Coconut Cookie
115 AED / KG
Coconut Rocher have a wonderfully sweet coconut flavor with a crisp exterior and a soft and chewy texture.
Vanilla Sable Cookie
95 AED / KG
Sablé cookies are very famous in Brittany on the West Coast of France. They are almost similar to shortbread.
11.75 AED
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