Coffee, Juices, Iced Sip

19 AED
Ice cream vanilla with coffee espresso, chocolate with chocolate beans.
Alain Milliat Juice 330 ml
16 AED
Pear, Apricot, Apple, Tomato - 16 AED Strawberry, Peach, Raspberry - 18 AED
16 AED
Ground coffee, 1 pc. Cookies.
Banarama Mocktail
24 AED
Banana, strawberry, vanilla icecream, milk and cream.
Blue Deep Sea Mocktail
24 AED
Pineapple, mango & blue curacao syrup.
Café Latte
16 AED
Ground coffee, Steam milk, 1 pc. Cookies.
Café Viennois
19 AED
Ground coffee, milk froth, chocolate suace, fresh cream on top.
17 AED
Ground coffee, steamed milk, choco powder garnish, 1pc. cookies.
24 AED
Orange, pineapple, lemon, grenadine syrup.
Double Espresso
16 AED
Ground coffee, 1pc. Cookies.
Double Espresso Macchiato
16 AED
Ground coffee, milk foam, 1 pc. cookies.
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