Coffee, Juices, Iced Sip

15 AED
Ground coffee, 1 pc. Cookies. 13 AED Small / 15 AED Medium / 17 AED Large
Banana Fresh Juice
23.25 AED
Fresh banana, banana lacnor, cubes of ice.
Banarama Mocktail
25.25 AED
Banana, strawberry, vanilla icecream, milk and cream.
Blue Deep Sea Mocktail
25.25 AED
Pineapple, mango & blue curacao syrup.
Café Latte
16.5 AED
Ground coffee, Steam milk, 1 pc. Cookies. 16.5 AED Medium / 18 AED Large
Café Viennois
20 AED
Ground coffee, milk froth, chocolate suace, fresh cream on top.
17.5 AED
Ground coffee, steamed milk, choco powder garnish, 1pc. cookies. 17.5 AED Medium / 19 AED Large
25.25 AED
Orange, pineapple, lemon, grenadine syrup.
Double Espresso
14 AED
Ground coffee, 1pc. Cookies.
Energy Fresh Juice
25.25 AED
Apple, pineapple, banana, mango & strawberry.
Flat White
18 AED
Triple Shot of ristretto. Topped with silky smooth milk. Finished off with thin microfoam layer of velvety smooth milk.
Iced Black Coffee
19 AED
Rock and blend ice with double shot espresso, sugar syrup.
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