Mono Portions

American Cheesecake - Cake Mono
21.00 AED
Creme cheese president, Sugar, Whipping crème, Strawberry glace
Apple Crumble - Cake Mono
19 AED
Fine diced apple on sugar dough mixed with butter & cream topped with caramel cream.
Black Forest - Cake Mono
22.25 AED
Layers of chocolate sponge cake with creamy chocolate mousse, vanilla cream garnished with black cherries & chocolate shavings.
Blueberry Cheesecake Mono
21 AED
Sinfully rich & velvety smooth cheesecake made with finest of cream cheese flavored with blueberries, fresh cream glaze with blueberry sauce.
Caramel Cheesecake - Cake Mono
21 AED
Digestive biscuits, Cold Creme cheese cake, Caramel
Carrot - Cake Mono
21 AED
Carrots mixed with cinnamon, ginger powder layered & frosted with creamy cream cheese garnished with glazed baby carrot and walnuts
Chocolate Fondant - Cake Mono
21 AED
Pleasingly smooth & rich chocolate fudge filled with creamy dark chocolate cream.
Chocolate Fudge - Cake Mono
21 AED
Fantastically fudgy made with deliciously indulgent dark chocolate layered on top of chocolate sponge mirrored with dark chocolate glaze.
Craquiline - Cake Mono
24.25 AED
Beautifully moist marble sponge covered in milk chocolate filled with praline, nougatine, feuillantine, fresh cream & nutella.
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