Mono Portions

Marble - Cake Mono
21 AED
Delicious taste of marble sponge smothered in chocolate & vanilla cream glazed with marble.
Raspberry Mikado Cake Mono
Marble sponge, Raspberry cream brulee and Chocolate mousse.
Rose Noire - Cake Mono
24.25 AED
An irresistible mix of dark chocolate, cacao butter, praline paste & almond dacquoise with chocolate glaze.
Special Cup Cake
15 AED/starting
Strawberry Cheesecake - Cake Mono
21 AED
Digestive biscuits, Cold Creme cheese cake, Strawberry filling, Strawberry fresh
Strawberry Tart Mono
19 AED
Sweet & tender crust filled with rich & creamy nappage custard cream topped with glistening fresh strawberries.
Tiramisu - Cake Mono
22.25 AED
Heavenly Italian dessert made with mascarpone cheese cream & tender vanilla sponge filled with coffee syrup & cacao powder as garnish.
Triple Chocolate - Cake Mono
22.25 AED
Layers of light & airy chocolate bavaroise -white, milk & dark on marble sponge garnished with creamy chocolate mousse.
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